best above ground pool guide and reviewsBuying Guide: Best Above Ground Pool Models and Features

If you are sick and tired of dreaming about having your very own backyard oasis, a backyard that lets you unwind in the summer time the way that only a high quality above ground pool lets you, and have decided to make your dreams a reality, you are going to want to pay close attention to all of the information in this quick guide.

You see, getting the right above ground pool installed in your backyard is really nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as a lot of people will make the process out to be – but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be a nightmare, either.

When you know exactly what you’re getting, exactly what you’re looking for, and exactly how you want the entire project to unfold (and are aware of all of the major milestones you need to hit along the way), everything just kind of seems to fall into place.

That’s exactly what this quick guide has been created to help you out with.

You’ll find detailed information about above ground pools included below, information is going to make your above ground for project a lot easier to pull off moving forward.

You’ll understand the differences between the major types of above ground pools out there, you’ll know exactly which features to look for (and which features to ignore), as well as how to find the very best above ground pool installation experts – in your local area, no less – to do all of the “heavy lifting” for you.

All of that and more is going to be included in this quick guide.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive right in!

Types of Above Ground Pools You Might Be Interested Inplaying in the water

There aren’t too terribly many differences between all of the different types of above ground pools, and what you see is (usually) what you get.

However, there are a number of different shapes available, as well as a number of “key extras” that can make or break your above ground pool experience – and that’s what is this section is going to touch upon.

You see, you might not think that there is all that much difference between a round above ground pool and an oval-shaped above ground pool – but nothing could be further from the truth. On top of that, an above ground pool with a built-in deck is going to be a lot more functional than an above ground pool that is just kind of “plopped down” in your backyard.

fun and splashThe Different Shapes of Above Ground Pools on the Market Today

Though you will have the opportunity to buy an above ground pool in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations, the overwhelming majority of pools out there with fall into two distinct and different shape categories:

  • Oval-shaped above ground pools and
  • Round shaped above ground pools

Oval-shaped pools are probably the most popular of the two, because they are able to maximize the space allotted for your above ground pool in ways that round ones simply cannot. You see, oval-shaped pools are going to give you a bit of extra “breathing room” when you want to get in some laps, play water sports with friends and family members, or just lounge around in a pool that doesn’t eat up a lot of your outdoor space.

Round pools, on the other hand, have a number of benefits as well.

For one, they are super easy to install – even easier to install than an oval-shaped pool. Secondly, you’re going to get a lot more “bang for your buck” when you decide to go with a round set up, mostly because you aren’t “pinching” any of the signs of your pool.

Features to Look For in Your New Above Ground Poolwater balls

As far as “must-have” extras and special features are concerned, you’re going to want to look for:

  • A built-in deck attached to your above ground pool
  • Water filtration and vacuuming systems built right into your above ground pool
  • Easy empty capability so that you can empty your pool in no time at all to move or repair and maintain it
  • Water sports adapters and flexibility
  • A high quality (and easy to maintain) pool liner
  • Solar heating cover for your above ground pool
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

You’re going to want to do your own research and due diligence to make sure that you are getting your hands on all of the special features that you want your new pool to show off and showcase. There are so many different options out there (with more being added to the marketplace on a seemingly daily basis), and it’s really going to be pretty easy to find the right above ground set up that gives you absolutely everything you’re looking for – without breaking your bank account in the process.

Any above ground set up that is going to force you to do extra maintenance, that puts you in a sticky position when the seasons change, or one that requires you to break it down on a regular basis for cleaning, repairing, or maintaining is probably one that should be avoided at all costs.

swimming aroundHow to Find the Right Installation Crew

But choosing the right above ground pool is only one half of the battle.

You’re also going to need to try and find a high quality and trusted company that you can rely on to deliver your above ground pool in picture perfect condition, pick the right site on your property for it to be installed on, and then take care of all the “heavy lifting” necessary to take those raw materials and fashion them together to create your backyard oasis.

This is definitely more difficult than you probably expect.

You see, there are going to be a number of different companies out there all vying for your attention (and your money), and they are relatively going to be willing to say and do just about anything they have to in an effort to earn your business.

This puts you in a bit of a sticky situation.

On the one hand, you’re going to have to really do your research and due diligence to find a pool installation company that you can trust and rely on. On the other hand, you’re going to have to try and find a pool installation company that isn’t going to ask you for an arm and a leg when it comes time to pay your bill, either.

It’s a delicate balance, but it’s one that you can pull off if you are paying attention.

Reputation is Absolutely Everythingone big beach ball

The most important thing for you to focus on when searching for the right team of experts to install your new above ground pool is the reputation that they have already earned in your local area.

Usually (not always, but usually), a quick Google search will return a number of results that have to do with previous customers and clients of a specific service that you have searched for. This is giving you tremendous insider information you would not have had access to otherwise, as well as the opportunity to really hear about how good (or not so good) an above ground pool installation company is directly from someone that had been in your shoes previously.

Always try to work with the very best of the best that you can find, the kinds of experts that will make your life a lot easier – the kind of experts that will get your above ground pool installed in record time.

Are They Willing to Work With You?

Secondly, you are going to want to try and find a pool installation company that is going to work with you to give you the ultimate backyard experience – and not a company that is going to steamroll you, your input, and your requests just because they’ve been at this game far longer than you.

Now, obviously, you’re going to want to defer to their experience and their expertise whenever necessary (after all, an accomplished team of above ground pool installation experts have probably been around the business for a lot longer than you have) – but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have any input on the job.

Tell them where you’d like to have the pool situated, make sure that they are taking care of any of the special features and benefits that you wanted installed alongside your pool, and don’t be afraid of holding regular meetings or shooting off an email from time to time to get updates about the progress of your project.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s going to be a lot easier to have a remarkable above ground pool installed in your backyard – especially if you focus in on the insider information included above. While this isn’t exactly the only complete or comprehensive guide out there for getting a high quality above ground pool, it’s definitely enough to get you started in the right direction!